Cat years, dog years, donkey's years?  It's all here.
How old is your cat in people-years?  Go here to find out....

So, you want to show your cat...
An article on how to do it,  And a nifty explanation of those confusing Show Titles.

How to choose and buy a Borealis kitten.
So, you're thinking of buying a Borealis kitten.   What do you do first?   What do you do next?   Read this to find out.

Colours and patterns for the novice breeder
Find out why you never get the kitten colours that you think you should.   And what on earth is a mackerel tabby? (Hint: it has nothing to do with fish dinners!)

Cats and Plants
Plants - indoor,  outdoor, climbing, creeping, potted - find out what's good, what's  bad, and what is absolutely CATASTROPHIC!

So, you think you might like to breed cats for profit...
For all those who think they might like to begin breeding pedigree cats, or having “just that one litter from an entire female? this is a useful link that might give you food for thought about all the responsibilities involved.    Never let it be said that there is any money to be made from breeding kittens!   (linked with permission of the owner)

Cat Gestation and Vaccination Chart
So, your cat is pregnant: this chart tells you when to expect those much awaited kittens; and when their vaccinations are due, too.   Most important, that is...

The FIFe 'Easy Mind System'
Cats are colourful critters - but how can you describe this in a consistent manner?  FIFe has a system...

Myth or mystery - legend of the Norwegian Forest Cat
How did the Norwegian Forest cat come to be?  Does anyone know?

Desexing your cat
Should you desex you cat or cats?   Very definitely YES!   Find out why...

Grooming your cat
Wegies are big, long haired cats and you have to spend a lot of time brushing them. Right?   Well, actually, no...find out why!

NFC Standard
Really, what IS a Norwegian Forest Cat?   The technical definitions can be found here - an International Judging Standard comparison chart...

Taking your new kitten home.
Now it's time to take you fluffy little kitten home.  Do you have all the right stuff?   Read this to find out.

Life with a Norwegian
What is it like to have a Norwegian Forest Cat about the house?

Kitten Care
Kittens need special care, and Norwegian kittens are no different.    Read about what's needed...

Characteristics of the Norwegian
What's so special about a Norwegian?   Why might you want to be owned by one (or two, or three, or...)

Introduction to the Norwegian
A brief introduction to the Norwegian Forest Cat.  Where it comes from, how it got here, a bit of history...

Is the Norwegian suitable for me?
You've read about the "Wegie", and maybe this is the cat for you.   Find out here!

Our Policies
Our philosophy, our ideals, our policies.   It's where we're at.


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