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    Note: Kittens on this page are available for adoption, once microchipped. &nbs; Note that by law we can only sell microchipped kittens.   Once a kitten is reserved, his/her photo is removed from the page.  Kittens on hold are still listed here.

    On Hold means someone has registered an interest in a kitten:

    reserved means that someone has paid a deposit...

    To find information ANY TIME about ANY of our kittens or litters, start with our
    LITTERS page!

    At the moment, there are no kittens available, but litters are due soon...

    If a kitten is not right for you at the moment . . .

    every so often, one or more of our queens retire: so if you have an interest in adopting a beautiful, mature Norwegian Forest Cat, click here...

    Click here to contact Borealis Norwegian Forest Cats

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