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Borealis Norwegian Forest Cats

In 1998, FIRECRYSTAL PRINS YMIR, a blue silver tabby and white NFC, took his place amongst the Birmans of Shenji Cattery, on my 2-acre property in Victoria, Australia.   Ymir was the first NFC to be registered in Victoria and the first entire stud.   His sire and dam were imported from the UK and he was born in Western Australia.   Ymir achieved the highest status of GOLD CHAMPION, being shown at GCCFV, CAV and FCC Open Shows, and sired a few litters before retiring to a lovely home in Shepparton in 2004.

Ymir’s son, Double GD CH BOREALIS INDIANA, also a blue silver tabby and white, stayed with us to carry on his lines and then to join another breeder.    The lovely DGC ABBATINI AV OPERAHUSET, my white stud with odd-coloured eyes and superb coat, was imported from Norway from top Scandinavian lines, and after several litters, ‘Abba’ is now on long-term loan at Astralmoon Cattery in Western Victoria.   Abba’s very successful and popular son, BOREALIS ASGARD, a brown classic tabby and white with superb show temperament, also achieved the high status of GOLD CHAMPION.

In mid-2004, I imported from the UK, CATWO SUN SEEKER, a huge red tabby and white male from Danish lines.   ‘Sunny’ had an amazingly friendly temperament, adored being shown, and sired his first litter after becoming DOUBLE GRAND CHAMPION and he retired from the show bench in 2007 as GOLD CHAMPION.

As to the queens, Double Grand Champion MIWAHNI MIRANDA, my first NFC queen, is a brown tabby and white from Scandinavian and English lines.    After gifting us with many beautiful kittens, Miranda, aged 6, retired in 2006.   Grand Champion FIRECRYSTAL ENYA, a tortie tabby, joined us in 2000, followed by Grand Champion DK DANSBJERGS FELISIA, a tortie tabby and white, imported from Denmark in 2003.   Other additions were DBL GD CH FIRECRYSTAL MISS DIVINE, a brown classic tabby, who was Kitten of the Year with FCCWA in 2003, and GD CH FIRECRYSTAL HERMIONE, a blue and white bicolour from different lines.

My studs live a wonderful life amongst the trees and plants surrounding their house, playrooms and long runs, with above-ground tunnels, shelves, posts and steps to give them plenty of exercise, and hammocks to lounge in and watch the many birds that visit our rural garden.   The ladies live mainly in large site offices with heating/cooling, lighting, and cooking facilities for my food preparation.   I have also installed a bed, TV and music system, so that I can relax with them and be there while they give birth. 

Their kittens either live with their families, often including the sire, or in our home, so that they are well socialised and used to living amongst humans.

All my cats have ample space to play in and relax, with plenty of handling, cuddles and love!

Loraine Smith

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