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We have the following kittens and older cats available for adoption now.

There once was a home and cattery filled with Birmans,  the Sacred Cat of Burma.   Long haired, graceful and blue-eyed, they completed my life for several years.

But then one day, I set eyes on a magnificently beautiful breed in a cat encyclopaedia, the Norwegian Forest Cat.   Searching the Internet, I came across a breeder who was about to import the first of these cats to Australia.   Her kind agreement to let me buy one of her first kittens marked the beginning of a new phase of life for me, and I have never looked back.

After many tiny white Birman kittens, I was thrilled and excited by the wonderful colours of my first NFC litters, and registered my cattery prefix as 'Borealis', reflecting the rainbow colours of the Aurora Borealis, witnessed at its best in Norway, original home of my chosen breed.

However, I was soon to discover that this colourful cat was also intelligent, wise, patient, gentle, loving and affectionate, with the loyalty and devotion of a dog and the unconditional love of a very special feline. Now, there is not a day that I don't marvel at the different purr-sonalities amongst my Forest Cats, admire their athletic grace, revel in their purrs and chirrups, and laugh at their kittenish antics.

Come, share with me the beauty of these lovely cats.....and to read a bit about Borealis Cats history, please click here

Loraine Smith

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We are Norwegian Forest Cat Breeders based in Victoria, Australia.

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